Prize Winners


Clubman of the Year: Conall Daly
Britannia Merit Award: Alfie Jordan

First Team

League: Mid Ulster Football League – Intermediate League A
Position: 8th
Players Player of the Year: Gerard Duff
Club Player of the Year: Sid McCrory
Top Goalscorer: Mickey Tohill

Reserve Team

League: Mid Ulster Football League – Reserve Division 2
Position: 3rd
Players Player of the Year: Chinta Chisambo
Top Goalscorer: Tommy Kempston

First Team Fixtures & Results 2009-10
Date / K.O. H / A Fixture Competition F : A Report
18-Aug-2009 18:30 A Ballymacash Rangers Marshall Cup (2) 7:8(W) View
22-Aug-2009 14:30 H FC Ballynure Steel & Sons Cup (1) 1:2(L)  
25-Aug-2009 19:00 H Dollingstown League 3:4(L)  
29-Aug-2009 14.15 H Omagh United League 1:4(L)  
05-Sept-2009 14:15 A Fivemiletown United League 4:1(L)  
12-Sept-2009 14:15 H Seapatrick F.C. League 2:1(W)  
19-Sept-2009 14:15 A Mountjoy United Irish Cup (1) 1:2(W) View
26-Sept-2009 14:15 H Seapatrick F.C. Premier Cup (1) 4:7(L) (AET)
03-Oct-2009 14:15 H Seapatrick F.C. Marshall Cup (3) 0:1(L)  
17-Oct-2009 14.15 H Tandragee Rovers League 0:7(L)  
24-Oct-2009 14.15 A Islandmagee Irish Cup (2) 4:6(L) (AET)
31-Oct-2009 14.15 A Carrick Rangers Intermediate Cup (1) 7-2(L)  
07-Nov-2009 14.15 H Bourneview YM League 5-3(L)  
28-Nov-2009 14:15 H Ballymacash Rangers League 5-2(W) View
05-Dec-2009 14:15 H Warrenpoint Town League 6-1(L) View  
12-Dec-2009 14:15 A Laurelvale League 1-0(L)  
19-Dec-2009 14:15 H Blackers Mill League 5-2(W) View
23-Jan-2010 14:15 H Laurelvale League 1-1(D)  
06-Feb-2010 14:15 A Warrenpoint League 3-0(L)  
13-Feb-2010 14:15 A Ballymacash League 2-1(L)  
20-Feb-2010 14:15 H Fivemiletown League 6-2(W)  
27-Feb-2010 14:15 A Seapatrick League 3-2(W) View
13-Mar-2010 14:15 A Blackers Mill League 2-1(W)  
20-Mar-2010 14:15 A Bourneview YM League 3-1(W) View
27-Mar-2010 14:15 A Lower Maze League 3-3(D)  
10-April-2010 14:15 H Lower Maze League 3-2(L)  
13-April-2010 18:30 A Dollingstown League 3-1(L)  
17-April-2010 14:15 A Omagh League 1-1(D)  
20-April-2010 18:30 A Tandragee Rovers League 3-2(L) View
Reserve Team Fixtures & Results 2009-10
Date / K.O. H / A Fixture Competition F : A Report
29-Aug-2009 14:15 A Portadown BBOB League 0:1(L)  
05-Sep-2009 14:15 H Seagoe League 6:1(W)  
12-Sep-2009 14:15 A Lurgan Institute League 4:3(W)  
19-Sep-2009 14:15 A Gilford Crusaders League 1:2(L)  
26-Sep-2009 14:15 A Seagoe League 1:1(D)  
03-Oct-2009 14:15 A Silverwood United League 5:1(W)  
17-Oct-2009 14:15 A Goodyear League 4:1(W)  
31-Oct-2009 14:15 H Lower Maze League 3-3(D)  
12-Dec-2009 13:30 H Donacloney O’Hara Cup 8-1(W)  
16-Jan-2010 14:15 H Lurgan Institute League 2-5(L)  
23-Jan-2010 13:30 A Ballymacash Rgrs O’Hara Cup 3-0(W)  
06-Jan-2010 14:15 H Gilford Crusaders League 1-1(D)  
13-Jan-2010 14:15 H Markethill Swifts League 5-4(W)  
27-Feb-2010 13:30 A Hill Street O’Hara Cup 0-3(L)  
06-Mar-2010 14:15 H Stranmillis League 3-2(W)  
13-Mar-2010 14:15 H Silverwood United League 7-1(W)  
20-Mar-2010 14:15 A Lower Maze League 0-1(L)  
27-Mar-2010 14:15 H Portadown BBOB League 3-3(D) View
10-Apr-2010 14:15 A Blackers Mill League 3-1(W) View
14-Apr-2010 18:30 A Oxford United League 1-0(W) View
17-Apr-2010 14:15 H Derryhirk United League 4-2(W) View
22-Apr-2010 18:30 A Stranmillis League 4-1(W) View
24-Apr-2010 14:15 A Markethill League 2-1(W) View
28-Apr-2010 18:45 H Blackers Mill League 4-1(W)  
01-May-2010 14:15 H Goodyear League 5-0(W) View
05-May-2010 19:00 H Oxford United League 1-0(W) View
12-May-2010 19:00 A Derryhirk United League 3-2(W) View
U18 Fixtures & Results 2009-10
Date / K.O. H / A Fixture Competition F : A Report
05-Sep-2009 14:00 H Newington YC League 0:4(L)  
12-Sep-2009 11:00 A Institute Colts League 1:1(L)  
19-Sep-2009 14:00 H Crusaders Colts League 0:4(L)  
26-Sep-2009 14:00 A Ballyclare Comrades Colts League 2-6(L)  
10-Oct-2009 14:00 H Carrick Rangers Colts League 4-5(L)  
17-Oct-2009 14:00 A Coleraine Colts League 1-5(L)  
31-Oct-2009 14:00 H Cookstown Youth League 1-2(L)  
14-Nov-2009 14:00 A Larne U18 League 1-2(L)  
05-Dec-2009 14:00 A Loughgall Youth League 2-2(D)  
12-Dec-2009 14:00 A Newington YC League 1-4(L)  
23-Jan-2010 14:00 H Institute Colts League 6-4(W)  
06-Feb-2010 14:00 A Carrick Rangers Colts League 2-8(L)  
13-Feb-2010 14:00 H Coleraine Colts League 1-3(L)  
20-Feb-2010 14:00 A Crusaders Colts League 0-6(L)  
13-Mar-2010 14:00 H Larne U18 Youth League Cup R2 2-2(W) 7-6 on Pens
20-Mar-2010 14:00 H Larne U18 League 5-0(W)  
03-Apr-2010 14:00 H Loughgall Youth League 3-4(L)  
10-Apr-2010 14:00 H Newington YC Youth League Cup Qtr 3-1(W)  
17-Apr-2010 14:00 H Glentoran Colts Youth League Cup SF 1-4(L)  
24-Apr-2010 14:00 H Ballyclare Comrades Colts League 1-0(W)  
01-May-2010 14:00 H Cookstown Youth League 1-0(W)