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Where It All Began

Where It All Began

Crewe United are synonymous within football in Northern Ireland. Having started from a humble but proud beginning the name of Crewe United is now widely recognised at home and abroad.

Crewe Park itself has been the source of football since the 1920’s and play only stopped due to the war. Local organised football matches started off as an idea sometime in the fifties and by word of mouth people came from far and near, on a nightly basis, to kick ball.

Everyone played – there could have been 20 playing on each side aged six to sixty. Club matches however were played with eleven players picked on each side. There were also challenge matches played once a week.

All the club members were locals, mostly farmers sons. So haymaking and harvesting always caused a problem, indeed it was common for tools to be downed in favour of football.

Crewe United has progressed considerably due to a lot of hard work and commitment from members and club officials and are widely recognised as one of Ireland’s most progressive football clubs. This progression has been constant with the facilities from a playing and corporate point of view absolutely first class.

Anyone who has lived through the past 47 years of Crewe will carry wonderful memories and joys. The continental family holidays, the trips to London, Dublin, France, Spain and Holland all conjure vivid memories.

And there is more. The story of success will not end here. Onward march! And good luck to the sound structure and management, good skills and the enthusiasm that abounds.

The future is bright.

Written by our late President, Denis Shephard in 2010.

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